sobota, 18 kwietnia 2015

The Child’s Faith

My 5 years old son Matthias asked me yesterday: “Is it possible that we walk on the water like Peter did? Peter was able to do it because he had faith. If we have strong faith, can we do it?”
I answered: “Yes, sure, everything is possible for those who believe, even walking on the water. We would also be able to walk on the water, but faith is always connected with obedience. Peter walked because Jesus had allowed him to come to him. We are not commanded to walk on the water, so we should not do it”.
He asked this question when we were leaving our house and going for a trip by car. We had left and had been driving for around 10 minutes when our car stopped on the road in the middle of a small village. It was broken, and we were not able to continue our journey. We left the car, and I started to call a mechanic. After 5 minutes my son came to me and said: “There is only one solution. We should pray to the Living God.” I was surprised by his faith. So we prayed for help. Although I tried to call the mechanic, he did not answer. We all together went for a walk and had fun on the playground. After some time I called my friend for help, and he promised to come. We came back to our car. I tried once again to switch on the engine this time with success. My son told my wife, “Mother, it was God, who helped us.” Afterwards my friend also came and helped us.
When we were driving home my son asked me, “Father, why did not you ask God first instead of doing everything else?” I answered him that I did it in a silent prayer.
This afternoon I was shamed by my child’s faith. I asked myself “Why are we looking for help everywhere instead of asking God first?” It was an occasion for me to speak with my son about faith. Faith is connected with peace and assurance that God is always with us even in the dark pits of our life. We can always trust Him.
* If you see some mistakes in my writing, write me in priv. I just learn. I will appreciate it.

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