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The Best Easter Ever

Easter is one of the most charming and beautiful seasons of the 

year. The majority of people like this festival. They like it for different 

reasons. Most people do not have to go to work during this time. They 

can stay home and relax.  Another reason is good food. It is an 

occasion to prepare a feast. You can get a variety of delicacies. The 

homemade ham and pound, yeast, and cheese cakes are just a few of  

examples of this good food.

Children like Easter because of presents. It is said that a hare 

brings gifts for them. Kids are expecting this fairy tale creature on 

Sunday morning. On Easter Monday people pour water on each other. 

You can have fun when you make somebody wet and escape from 

attacks of others.      

Although the origin of this festival is the resurrection of Jesus 

Christ, sometimes this fact might be forgotten by people. You can 

easily concentrate on these folk traditions and lose the true meaning 

of the festival. In my opinion, it is really hard to focus on the important 

meaning because we are all surrounded by commercial stuff.  You can 

hear advertisements everywhere about things you should have in 

order to enjoy this festival.

I am very glad because I spent the last Easter in a different way 

than usual. My wife and I really tried to focus on the fact of the 

resurrection. We had time to praise God for what He did and has done 

for us. We wanted to show our children the true meaning of this 

festival, so we read the Bible more than usual, watched a Christian 

movie, and visited a cemetery. There was also a special service for 

children organized by our congregation. All the more, I led three 

services in different places. We also visited our family and went for 

two walks. It was cold and snowy, but we enjoyed these trips. We 

could observe nature, wild birds, and spring flowers. 

This was really a precious time for all of us. For me personally, it 

was the best Easter I have ever spent. We are thankful to God for 

these days.

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